Monday 5/15/2017


Coach Matty is BACK !!
And so is our Tension Release !!
Starting May 15 until August … By appointment
Text him! … (774) 402-0813
Email him! …

CrossFit Hammermill – CrossFit


Total 15:00min….


5- ring rows

10- HRPU

15- squats

8min stretch & Burgener


Speed Push Press

@16-20 Coach/ Set-up

@20-35 Work – limit rest to :40 sec or less switch in and out

Banded Push Press (9×3)

@65% of Strict Press

set up 3-5 stations

people will just add and subtract weight as they go

blue band =200 +

Red band = 100-200

orange band= 0-100


@32-44 Go Over WOD movements

@45 start WOD

15 min time cap

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

10 Bar -muscle ups


8 Bar Muscle ups


6 Bar Muscle ups

scale= jumping bar muscle-up, C2B, Jumping C2B

HSPU= box HSPU, jack knife push-ups
for safety reasons if you do not have 1 strict hspu you will need to scale down, this does not mean use 2 abmats under your head

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