Wednesday, June 14th

CrossFit Hammermill – CrossFit


Junk Yard Warm-Up

Mobility and Stretching



Pause Overhead Squat

Behind the neck jerk to OHS

@70% (OHS) w/3 second pause at bottom

15×1 every :45sec



Metcon (Time)

For time:

20 Double Unders

6 Chest-to-bar

40 Doube Unders

12 Chest-to-bar

80 Double Unders

18 Chest-to-bar

40 Double Unders

24 Chest-to-bar

20 Double Unders

*15 Minute Cap*

RX=Chest-to-bar & Double-Unders

Scale = 2x for singles


5 Rounds

1:00 Plank

30 sec Rest

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