Wednesday Sep 6, 2017

CrossFit Hammermill – CrossFit


15min total

8min warm-up

2min bike or row

then 2 Rounds

10 air squats

10 spiderman lunges

10push-ups to downward dog

10 medball squats

10 medball deadlifts

10 medball push press

7min stretch & Burgener


@20 start

Pause Split Jerks (8×3)

@70% of 1RM

pause 3 seconds in the Split position after each rep

work on being explosive under the bar and being stable in the split position


@30-39 go through C&J and C2B pull-ups make sure we scale appropriately

@40 start WOD

15min Time cap- Strict time cap lets make sure the scaling option is the best fit for each athlete

Metcon (Time)


Clean & Jerk (115/85)

Chest 2 Bar Pull-ups

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