Tuesday Sept 12, 2017

CrossFit Hammermill – CrossFit


15min total..


800m Run

10 pass throughs

10 around the worlds each way

7min Stretch & Burgener


@20 start

Banded Decline Bench Press (8×3)

@60% of 1RM flat Bench

:10sec work

:35sec rest

green=200+ bench

Blue band= 150-200lbs

red band= 100-150lbs

orange band= 0-100lbs
Athletes this is speed benching be quick with your reps. The weight shouldn’t be a max effort, but it also shouldn’t be to light.


@35 start WOD

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for Time:

GHD Sit-up- 20 reps

Flat Bench Press- 15 reps

Rx= 135lbs/95lbs
Scaled= GHD to weighted sit-ups 35/25lbs

Accessory Work

15 reps YTW with dumbbells

this means 15 reps at each letter. You can rest in between the different positions but try to get all 15 reps at each letter done unbroken, so pick the weight accordingly

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