Athlete Training Agreement

Athlete Training Agreement


This form represents a formal agreement between:




Athlete’s Name:


Beginning on: ________________________________________________________________________



Telephone: ________________________________________________________________________



Foundations /On Ramp Classes:

                   Date                    Coach’s Initials

Session 1   _______               ______________

Session 2   _______              ______________

Session 3   _______              ______________

Session 4   _______              ______________


Test Out    _______              ______________


Membership Options:


$135           CrossFit Unlimited Monthly

____Auto Pay      ____Credit Card ____Cash            ____Check #


$95             CrossFit Limited Monthly, 12 Total Workouts

____Auto Pay      ____Credit Card ____Cash            ____Check #


$75             CrossFit Limited Monthly, 8 Total Workouts

____Auto Pay      ____Credit Card ____Cash            ____Check #


Total Monthly Rate: ________________________________________


Payments may be pro-rated if initiated after the first of the month.

Payments are due on the first of each month.

*Family Memberships are for immediate family members only!




$$ PrePaid $$

UnLimited Membership & Individuals Only

3 or More Months at $100 per Month … %20 Discount

3 Months = $300 … 4 Months = $400 … 5 Months = $500

This membership offer is NON~REFUNDABLE.


 What are the goals you strive to achieve at CrossFit HammerMill?




Our Mission:

Create a clean and professional training environment for athletes of all ages, offering the highest level of quality and service.


Expectations of Athletes:

1. Professionalism. We expect every athlete to behave in a manner that is respectful in the context of an elite training facility. We absolutely will not accept or condone any tasteless behavior or comments that are sexual, racial, or discriminatory in nature. We will absolutely protect this environment at all costs, including asking athletes to leave if behavior is unacceptable.

2. Commitment: We expect that no matter your level of athleticism, you approach every single opportunity to train with a positive attitude and a personal desire to better yourself.

3. Coachability: Leave your ego behind. There is zero tolerance for ego in our training facility. We ask that you be receptive to our help, in both critique and correction.

4. Safety of the Athlete: The primary concern of trainers is safety with the caveat of increased performance. We will absolutely stop you in the middle of a workout if safety is a concern. We may opt to stop you in the middle of a workout if your performance warrants. Respect our ability to decide what is best for you given your demonstrated abilities. Understand that your growth as an athlete is as much our goal as it is yours. We expect you to trust that CFHM coaches have unique knowledge and skills to improve you in ways that you could not otherwise do by yourself. Additionally, we expect you to be willing to share with us knowledge of your body’s limitations, strengths, and weaknesses—information that is critical in your individual wellness to fitness equation including any previous injuries.

4. Respect. We strive to earn your respect. We are committed to operating with your and the facility’s best interest in mind. We expect that you will, in turn, do the same. We expect you to follow instructions given by CFHM staff members. We expect you to take pride in the standard of quality in the facility. You will be briefed during fundamentals classes on the parameters of correctly using the equipment. We expect athletes to clean up after themselves. Please bring all questions and concerns to the attention of a coach as soon as possible so they can be addressed promptly.

5. Facility Safety: This is our number one priority in the facility at all times. We ask that you notify a coach immediately if you have a concern that is safety related, please do not delay. If you have an issue or concern related to one of the coaches, please address it with that coach in private. If you are not comfortable approaching that coach, please take your issue to the managing partners; Michael Harpin and/or Ray Martin.

4. CFHM reserves the right to cancel a membership/training agreement at any time for any reason. The quality of our training environment is important and will not be sacrificed. Any coach reserves the right to ask an athlete to leave the facility immediately in the event the athlete is detracting from the training environment. If you feel the program is not working, please come to us and expect us to examine your life as a whole: sleep, nutrition, stress, workout journal, etc.


CFHM Facility Rules and Company Policies:

1. Foundations (On-Ramp) Classes require completion of all four training sessions within a two week period. It is the coach’s prerogative to request you repeat a specific session.  You will have an opportunity to test out of each session as appropriate and determined by Michael Harpin, Ray Martin or the General Manager, Dave Bugan.

2. Sessions are by appointment and must be scheduled if not during designated On-Ramp hours. Sessions begin on time — If you are late, you may be asked to wait for the next session, out of the way of current session participants or reschedule your appointment.

3. Cancellation Policy: Any medical conditions or injuries that prevent a client from working out or participating in the program shall be substantiated by a doctor’s note indicating your restrictions and length of absence. Memberships that are interrupted by substantiated illness/injuries will be paid on time and issued a credit until the membership obligations are fulfilled.

4. Membership/Payment Options: Members may choose for a variety of options that provide maximum flexibility and convenience for our members. Payments are due on time. Any payments made 5 days late will incur a late charge of $25.00. Returned payments auto-pay or otherwise will be charged $25.00. We do not accept American Express & any online payments are subject to surcharge.

5. Photography: CFHM and/or his assigned agents reserve the right to photograph and/or publish your training sessions. If you do not grant CFHM permission to print, display, or upload a photo of you participating in our program please notify us in writing, via email to:

6. Privacy: CFHM is committed to protecting your privacy at all times and will not share any information with third parties without your consent at anytime.


I accept the terms and conditions of this training agreement and company policies:


____________________________________________________________Member Signature/Legal Parent or Guardian Signature

Print Name                            Date


26 Poland Street, Webster MA 01570                                                 

(508) 461-6522

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